How to Maintain Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can help you create a comfortable outdoor space like an outdoor deck or patio. But there are so many different options when it comes to outdoor furniture that it can be a little difficult to choose what you want the first time you walk into a store. There are many considerations for selecting outdoor furniture and one of these factors is the level of maintenance needed.

Regular cleaning is needed when it comes to outdoor lounge furniture. When dirt and debris get accumulated on the material of your furniture, it can accelerate the deterioration of the furniture. And removing the dirt can extend its life and help you maintain the original appearance of the furniture. You can ask the furniture store about the recommended cleaning instructions. But generally, you will be able to use a solution of water and gentle soap to clean the majority of the furniture. Specialised cleaners can be used for stubborn stains but make sure that you recheck whether the cleaning materials you are using is recommended. Outdoor furniture is exposed to all kinds of weather such as wind, rain, sun, snow etc. and this can cause a lot of damage. Something you can do for general weather protection is use a furniture cover. You can easily remove the cover when you are using the furniture.

You can also look into a storage solution where you can store your furniture items so that they are out of the worst of the weather. For example, if you have a long rainy season or you have winter months, you can have the furniture stowed away in storage until you can use the outdoor space again. And when it is raining, it is best to move the furniture to a covered area. But as this is not practical all the time, you can always have a canopy, overhang or even a roof overhead your outdoor space. If there is an outdoor space that is exposed without a cover, you can always use furniture made of materials that can withstand moisture and the elements.

There are also many protective coatings you can use on outdoor furniture to strengthen their weather resistance. There are sealants that you can apply on your own to make sure that rusting and other kinds of damage is prevented. And as mentioned above, you can remove the furniture on the off-seasons and have them stored away safely. If there is no such storage solution available, you can use furniture covers or choose furniture that can be easily disassembled or folded away so that you don’t need a large storage space. Make sure you check for any damages regularly so that you can repair minor issues. For example, if you see any cracks or chips on the furniture, you can take steps to repair it without it becoming a bigger issue. You will need to refinish or repaint the furniture after some time as even the best kept furniture can show signs of age and wear after being exposed to the elements for a long time.