Here is why You Need a Bullbar

Now a Bullbar has nothing to do with a bull despite the name. A Bullbar has a couple of uses other than the obvious of making your 4×4 look good.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should invest in a Bullbar.

1.    Animal Collisions

Owning a 4×4 means you are bound to have an off-road adventure at some point in time. In an off-road adventure especially in a forest or a trail away from population, you might encounter animals when driving a high speed.

In Australia, it doesn’t even have to be a forest trail because wild kangaroos are all over the place if you live in a rural area. Colliding head-on with a heavy animal like a kangaroo can cause major damage to your car or even to you.

Having a Bullbar will reduce the impact. The idea of getting a Bullbar is not go ramming animals but to reduce the impact in the unlikely chance of a collision.

2.    Protection

Driving off-road can be quite a daunting task. When you talk about driving off-road it technically doesn’t mean you are off a road, you are just driving on a really rough road. This rough terrain is full of ruts, rocks and debris. Rocks can quite dangerous when hurled at high speeds. They can damage your bumper and the expensive fog lights.

Sticks and Logs can be quite a nuisance too and without sufficient protection, they can jam up inside your engine bay.

So general protection is another reason why you should invest in a good quality Bullbar. PIAK Bull Bars are quite good when it comes to general protection.

3.    Winch Mounting Point

There are definitely other ways that you can mount a winch on to your 4×4 but a bull bar is hands down the easiest.

A good tip when buying a bull bar is that even if you don’t plan on mounting a winch just buy a winch compatible bull bar anyway.

4.    Mount Accessories

If you’re a sand dune enthusiast or like driving in the desert a sand flag is something that you’ll most likely have. The best place to mount a sand flag is a Bullbar.

Without a bar a sand flag is quite hard to mount on a 4×4.

The other important accessory for an off-road driver is a driving light. You can install a driving light without a bar but ideally a strong bar provides a stiffer base for light installation.

Another non-essential accessory that goes well with a Bullbar is an UHF antenna.

5.    Improves Approach Angle

When approaching rough terrain having a good approach angle prevents the car from touching the terrain.

These are just a few reasons as to why you should get a Bullbar. However, there are also disadvantages involved with getting a Bullbar like weight and price. So, the best type of bar is a compromise between weight, price and compatibility.

Make sure to get professional advice before you decide.