Essential Supplements to Keep Your Race Horse at Its Optimum Health

Good nutrition is important in preparing your racehorse for a competition. It also helps a lot to help your horse recover after a race. There are plenty of training programs created by experts to help your horse achieve its optimum condition and push it to the best performance it could get. To do this, you need to provide your horse with complete nutrients and vitamins to meets its daily requirements.

Here are the essential supplements you should give your horse to help it reach its best potential.

Iron Supplement

Iron is an important mineral for a race horse’s stamina. Iron helps in forming new red blood cells. Healthy red blood cells contain hemoglobin which is the key part that holds oxygen and transports it all throughout the body through the circulatory system. When a horse is stressed or sick, its body demands more iron to prevent fatigue and deficiency as well.

A horse that gets adequate iron from its diet or through supplements has higher stamina especially while training and racing because of the better oxygen supply in its body. To boost the absorption of iron, you can also supplement with zinc which is a helpful element in keeping the immune system healthy.

Electrolyte Supplement

After strenuous activities such as exercise, training, and racing, your horse needs electrolyte supplement to replace electrolytes lost through excessive sweating. Electrolyte supplements are usually available in different flavours and have low sugar content.

You can either make an electrolyte drink by mixing it in water or just combine it with horse feed, depending on which one your horse prefers. Proper electrolyte balance in the body is essential for good muscle contraction, maintaining the body’s fluid balance, and healthy functioning of the nervous system. When shopping for horse supplements, choose only quality ones from trusted suppliers.

Ubiquinol CoQ10 Supplement

CoQ10 supplement is essential especially before your horse’s performance. It helps in more efficient energy production within the horse’s muscles, pushing it at its optimum performance and delays the onset of fatigue. After a race, don’t forget to supplement with antioxidants combined with CoQ10 to help the muscles recover after fatigue and stress.

Racing Syrup

For a complete multivitamin and mineral supplementation, horse racing syrup is what you need. It contains all the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your horse needs to stay in good health. It is an essential supplement especially when you can’t provide a balanced feed for your horse every day since it provides all the lacking nutrients. Horse racing syrups are available in different palatable flavours so there will be no worries that your horse won’t like them.

A healthy and balanced diet plays a big role in keeping your horse in good health. However, there are times when you can’t meet the dietary needs of your racehorse. With these supplements, you can be sure that your horse is getting all the nutrients and vitamins it needs and stay in good health and top condition.